Sunday Stroll…

Today I went I went on a photography adventure with two lovely ladies, Janet and Ally! Ally is going to be in the 3rd grade and is also in the Photography project in her local 4-H program. She will enter part of the pictures she took today at the county fair at the end of July! She has a good eye and is a natural when it comes to shooting great shots! I was impressed…I don’t know how she will ever decide which pictures to take to the fair.

One our trip today we visited two abandoned houses and a pasture that had old pick-up trucks and barns! I found a really cool antique door knob that I brought back as a Nebraska souveniour…I am not sure what I will be doing with it but I have no doubt it will become a decorative piece in my new apartment!

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2 responses to “Sunday Stroll…

  1. sandy

    love the pictures…..wouldn’t you love to have that stuff as props in your own photography lot? awesome colors too……

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