Girls Weekend…

Every 6 months or so, my mom and I along with my aunt and cousin try to meet somewhere for a girls weekend! My aunt lives in Louisiana and cousin (who’s more like my sister) lives in OKC, so OKC makes for a good centrally located meeting spot!

There are several things you can always count on when looking forward to girls weekend, lots of fun and laughs, great food, and as much shopping as your feet and wallet can stand!

The first stop we made was Cuppies & Joe. Cuppies & Joe is a gourmet cupcake and coffee shop and it is AMAZING! You can see pics of all of us with our cupcakes on the slide show. The cupcakes always look very cute and taste even better. It is probably my favorite stop in all of OKC!

Our first night we ate at The Melting Pot in downtown OKC.  It was amazing… Our first course was an artichoke and spinach cheese fondue. The second course was a delicious salad. Third was the entrée which consisted of shrimp, filet mignon, pork, and chicken; and last but definitely not least was chocolate fondue!

I will post Day 2 of our Girl’s weekend tomorrow… If you are into antique shopping  and turning junk into treasure be sure to check back!

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  1. sandy

    lots of fun…….we should do it more often!

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