The Rink…

This post is Part II of our girl’s weekend in OKC! Our big event on Saturday was going The Rink.  The Rink is an old skating rink that they have transformed into an antique mall. It is HUGE and full of neat, sometimes cheap finds! My favorite thing it has to offer is the furniture. They have some pieces that are already painted and finished; these are usually more expensive. They have other pieces that are “as is”; this is where you can find steals!

The only problem with all these cool buys are finding room to tote them home! The smart thing to do would be to pull a trailer.  I found an old dresser that I plan on giving a makeover and will probably end up painting it turquoise. My favorite piece I came home with is an old green cabinet (a pretty green not neon…) that has a formica top. It has three deep drawers so I am thinking it will be great for storage! I also plan to put casters on the bottom so I can easily move it around. I will try to post before and after photos of everything so you can see the progress!

Here are some pieces that I thought were really cool…If I would have had a trailer and deeper pocket-book, they would have came home with me!

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2 responses to “The Rink…

  1. sandy

    The Rink has become one of my favorite places too! Almost always find something i’ve gotta have! Glad you got the 4-runner packed – next time i think you should pull a trailer just in case! Loved seeing you…can’t wait to see pics of the re-do’s!

  2. Janet

    LOVE the pics. Might have to make a road trip to OKC and check it out! I wish I would have taken you to Oberlin to the antique stores. There are about 8 stores within a few blocks. SO MUCH FUN! Can’t wait to see your finds and what you do with them!!! ~JR

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