Dresser Reveal!

Some of you probably remember reading my post about The Rink, an antique mall in OKC, a while back.  Well, I purchased a wood dresser there with plans to give it a face lift and I finally got it done! I am so happy with how it turned out and I had a blast doing it! I now have a few other plans up my sleeve that I will post about later! I had plans of posting before and after pictures but I am having technical difficulties with getting photos off my phone… It was a plain wooden dresser that was in good condition at the beginning.


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3 responses to “Dresser Reveal!

  1. Janet

    SOOOO cute!!! I love how it turned out. Is that the old hardware that came with it? I love changing out hardware and playing with different looks! Tell us how you did your transformation 🙂

  2. Thanks Janet!! I used the old hardware because I liked the “antique” look it had and there were also 14 knobs. I am working on a smaller dresser now though and plan on buying new hardware for it! Martha Stewart has some cute stuff at Home Depot. I bought paint today that is called “egg yolk”…the color definitely pops! Can’t wait to get it finished so you can see it. Have also been experimenting with some stenciling.
    Okay, now on how I did it. The first thing I did was lightly sand the entire thing to get the shine off. Then I painted two coats of a dark brown (almost black). Then I painted two coats of the blue. Then came the fun part, taking off layers. I used steel wool. You could also use sandpaper. I figured out that there is really no right way to do these kinds of projects, which I think removes a little pressure because you cannot mess up! Once I had roughed it up, I applied one coat of glaze. I added a drop of the brown paint to it and generously painted over the entire dresser. When I got through with a section, I would used a paper towel and drag the glaze to give it more of a streaked look. This helps protect the furniture and gives it more of an antique look.
    I am trying to do a better job of taking pictures along the way this time!

  3. Janet

    You need to invest in a palm sander if you don’t have one! I LOVE mine… best tool in the shop! I haven’t tried the glaze coat… might do that next time. Sometimes I used a dark walnut stain on the distressed edges to give it more of an impact. Love the fact that there is no right or wrong!! Keep up the projects. I might just get inspired enough to do some of my own!!

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