Finding beauty in all things…

Most of you have figured out by now that I always have my camera at my side at all times, especially on trips when there might be good photo ops! I just returned from Georgia where I was spending a week with The Boy and his family.  These are some of the pics I took on my trip. I am not sure which ones are my favorite, I like them all! The Boy was laughing at my flower picture. I was supposed to be taking pictures of the cattle and spotted the plant on top of a very tall post! I thought it was very pretty but he was quick to inform me that it was a weed! Oh well, to each his own right?


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  1. Janet

    You realize that’s how noxious weeds spred, right?? Cuz some girl thought they were “pretty”! I’m now positive that’s the reason we spend all spring spraying that “pretty” purple musk thistle around here! 🙂 Great pics as always!

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