Photo Project…

I have been working on a photo project for the Boy…a late birthday gift! This is what I came up with. I think it’s pretty neat, but I might be slightly partial! Let me know what you think…


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6 responses to “Photo Project…

  1. Mary Yaksich

    looks great…you are so creative…can’t wait to meet the boy!!!

  2. Lyndi! It’s beautiful, the boy is lucky to have such a great girl! 🙂

  3. mom

    like it, like it, like it! the Boy’s parents will probably like this one as well!

  4. Janet

    LOVE it! Isn’t that the greatest editing feature ever! Great idea… I knew there had to be some cool things to do with it and I think you hit it perfect!!

  5. sandy

    is this boy old enough to be dating a 22 yr. old girl? Picture looks great….just hope you don’t get arrested!

  6. Oh Aunt Sandy….what am I going to do with you? The boy is 21…I won’t be going to jail, thankfully! 🙂

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