My new TV stand/craft storage!

One of my concerns with apartment living has always been storage! A girl has to have her sewing machine, craft, and scrap booking supplies… It drives me absolutely crazy to live with storage totes stuffed under the bed and in nooks and crannies so with this move I have been searching for storage solutions that don’t take up extra space! That is what I did with this TV stand.

Now, this is not your traditional TV stand…I think it’s better! This dresser has had a long life. Before coming to live at our house, it was used and abused in a fabric store for years! She is solid wood and still has many years left on her…she just needed a little face lift!

I went back and forth when deciding on a color and finally landed on egg yolk. Yes, that is the name of the color. When I told my Nanni what I had chosen she said, “Farm fresh or store bought”? When I told her farm fresh she was a little concerned and all she said was, “Okay”. I love the color and I think it will brighten up my living room!


This isn't the exact dresser, but it looked identical to this one, just slightly larger! Same drawer pulls, design, stain, etc.


I first painted the dresser green because I was still trying to decide which direction I wanted to go with it. I also knew I could paint other colors on top of it and no one would ever know! After painting my second coat, I decided that I didn't want a green dresser and would go for "egg yolk" yellow instead!


I then painted two coats of the deep brown color. Just like I did on the table and bedroom dresser. Next step was to paint my final color. I did two coats of the yellow also.


By the way, this is the best painting can just scoot around to get the low spots instead of killing your knees and squatting all the time!


I wanted to try something different on this piece so I did some stenciling! I found the stencil at Hobby Lobby.


And WaaLaa!!


Then I had my assistant help me drill new holes for the drawer pulls I found at Home Depot. They are from the Martha Stewart Collection.


And the Finished Product!!


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4 responses to “My new TV stand/craft storage!

  1. sandy

    super cute! you are getting so good at this….when you need to work on a project while in MS, i’m only a few hours away…..and i have plenty!

  2. Janet

    SOOOO cute! Does it look more yellow in person? The pics make it look like it’s a greenish yellow. Wish I could see it in person! LOVE IT!

  3. Janet

    btw… LOVE the new header on the blog. Where did you find that? It’s my favorite one yet!

  4. Yes, it definitely looks yellow in person! Here is how I do my headers…I go to google images and search something like chic wallpaper. Save the picture. Upload to Picasa and edit it…resave. Then upload to my blog! Super easy!

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