This is for the Chocolate & Coffee Lover!

Every year at our County Fair we have various contests. We always have an annual ice cream contest an then another contest to complement the ice cream. For example, last year we had a pie contest.  This year, it’s cupcakes! The cupcakes and ice cream will be served on Tuesday night when the community meets at the fairgrounds for the 4-H Fashion Review, Fair Queen Contest, Cowboy Olympics, hot dog/watermelon feed and other various forms of entertainment! The County Fair is next week so I figured I had better get busy trying different cupcake recipes! The one I sampled today was Mocha Cupcakes! They are DELICIOUS! You can find the recipe on my recipe page. Give them a try and let me know what you think…

TIP: The recipe calls for unsweetened chocolate for both the cupcake and frosting. I went to the store and forgot whether it called for unsweetened or semi-sweet. I guessed wrong and brought home semi-sweet. It turns out you can substitute semi-sweet for unsweetened if you subtract 1 tablespoon sugar for ever ounce of chocolate. For example, the recipe calls for 6oz. unsweetened chocolate. So I used 6oz. semi-sweet and used 6T less sugar.

How I put together my cupcake stand! I would love to make it permanent but am not sure what kind of glue to use.

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One response to “This is for the Chocolate & Coffee Lover!

  1. sandy

    don’t make it permanent…’s granny’s milk glass…..just use something semi – permanent like velcro for now. It’ll take away the value if you permanently hook them together. They look great! btw, i made you iced coffee – amazing!

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