The PERFECT Summer Drink!

A few days ago I added a recipe to the Recipe section of my blog called “The Perfect Iced Coffee”. It is DELICIOUS! When you click on the link it will take you to The Pioneer Woman blog. I love her step by step tutorials because you can see exactly how it’s supposed to be done – no confusion! To my surprise, the coffee she uses can be purchased at your local Dollar General for $3 (for a 1 pound package!) and it’s already ground! Doesn’t get much better than that. At our DG they also had flavored syrups. I chose Caramel and boy was it good…only $1! Maybe it does get better….

Give this recipe a try. If you are a coffee fanatic you will love it! I also drank mine out of a mason jar. It worked great because I could put the lid on it to shake it up instead of trying to use a spoon with all that ice in there! The coffee is pretty strong so I would do as she instructs and start out with half your jar filled with coffee and the other half with milk or half&half. The other great thing about this recipe is if you store it with a tight lid, it will last for a few weeks. Enjoy!!

Yummmmm-mmeee! (You have to read it in Paula Dean's voice/accent!)

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  1. I love that you’re drinking out of a mason jar! Joey loves drinking out of a mason jar…he claims it makes it taste better!

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