Family Vacation to Fort Worth, TX

My family is not like most. We don’t regularly take family vacation. The last vacation I can remember is when I was in grade school and we went to the Denver/Colorado Springs area for a few days. It’s not because we don’t enjoy spending time together, it’s more of a problem with synchronizing everyone’s schedules and finding someone to take care of the cattle, etc. while we are gone! This is why going to my cousin’s wedding in Fort Worth was such a trea

t! We decided to leave a day early so we could enjoy some time with just the four of us. Mom and I drove separate since the guys were hauling a trailer with all my beloved belongings in it to go to Mississippi! So since we didn’t have the guys along to object, we made a few pit stops along the way! My Mom and I’s newest addiction is iced coffee. When we saw “Java Junkie” along the side of the highway near Weatherford, TX, we had to stop! Conveniently, there were some other neat little shops so we took a look around! I saw plenty of things I loved from Mosely Trading Co. and Retro Ranch but thankfully everything was WAY out of my price range! (I didn’t need to haul anything else to Mississippi!)

I would have loved to put this in my flower bed!

These chairs were GORGEOUS! However, the price tag wasn't so pretty!

This is an old antique door they turned into a table...also liked this!


I hear the Java Junkie is best known for their pies so if you are ever near Weatherford, TX be  sure to stop by! By the way, my Creme Brulee Iced Latte was to die for!

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  1. Janet

    LOVE the old door turned coffee table! I will definitely have to remember that! Surely you could have tied more stuff to the top of your car!!! 😉

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