A day of shopping!

Once we arrived in Fort Worth, there was a welcoming party waiting for us at the hotel…literally! Well, it wasn’t for us necessarily. We walked in and there were balloons, a live band, free drinks, free BBQ…turns out it was their 1 year anniversary! The live band was called the Fish Fry Bingo Band, a 5 piece hillbilly jug band from Texas, and they were a hoot! By looking at them you would think they were a bunch of hillbilly’s straight out of the Beverly Hillbilly’s movie! Dad started visiting with their manager/sound guy and it turns out they were just playing the part. Their “real jobs” were architects, engineers, etc. They were a lot of fun to visit with and it was obvious they were having a great time! Their website is http://fishfrybingo.com/. You can listen to some of their music there.

The band members! I bought a CD for them to sign and in return I got a free shirt!

The next morning Mom and I met up with Meemaw (my Dad’s mom) and we went shopping! I found an ad for a western store called Teskey’s it looked really neat so we decided we would walk there. What we didn’t know is that the store was a good 2 miles from our hotel downtown. By the time we were halfway there I called the store to see if we were getting close and they informed me it was just a few more blocks but they would drive not walk. Well since we were already walking and without vehicle we had no choice but to keep on! It was also very hot and humid so Meemaw thought we needed to cool off.

Yes, that is Meemaw and I standing in a fountain! I thought she had lost her mind when she got in there but it was so hot I didn't care and got in too!

Even Mom got in...this is something Mom wouldn't ever do so I was sure to get a picture!

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner at Times Ten Cellers. It was  a really neat little place and the groom’s family was so creative in decorating and organizing the event! Everyone attending was seated by a coffee flavor that was on their name tag that they were handed at the door! Once you found your table you had a little  bag of coffee to take home as a souvenir! The coffee was made where they are from in New Mexico.

The tables with the little bags of coffee...

On Saturday we went to the wedding which was also beautiful! It took place in a chapel on the TCU campus. At the reception they had a photo booth where you could go have your picture taken…it was fun! Everyone could go through the booth as many times as they wanted.

That is me and my cousin Emily in the booth!

Our family had a great time in Fort Worth! It was fun to get together with everyone and catch up! Congrats to Lauren and Lee Tatlock!

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