First few days in Mississippi!

We arrived in Starkville on a very hot Monday morning! It has been an extremely hot summer in Kansas with most days being well above 100 so I thought I would be well prepared for the southern heat. I was wrong. This is a completely different kind of hot…it was 100 degrees on move in day with 80+% humidity.  I didn’t know my body was capable of sweating so much! I felt really bad for my Dad who unloaded most of the trailer by himself while Mom and I unpacked and arranged inside. All my furniture survived the haul, a few pieces arriving a little more rustic and antiqued than they were when I left but for the most part all was well! Remember my green cabinet I found at The Rink in OKC? Well, it was nearly falling apart upon arrival. Thankfully my Dad was able to attach wheels to the bottom of it which helped brace it and it is now in better condition than before!

One thing about the South, the food is amazing! I have never been somewhere where every place you ate at the food was good. I haven’t ate at one place that I didn’t like. The first night we went to Rosy Baby’s. It reminds me of a place you would eat at out on a dock. It has a very relaxed atmosphere! Dad ordered the crawfish platter.

It took him so long to eat it that Mom and I left, went to Walmart, and came back to pick him up! I had the fish basket and it was great! If you are in the area I would definitely recommend it! I am going to add a page to my blog with restaurants that I love…check it out!

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