One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Most of you who know me will admit that I am always on the lookout for a good bargain. I had been searching for coffee table for my apartment but didn’t want to spend a large sum of money. I was searching for something that falls more in the $20 and under category without being “junk”. I was taking trash to the dumpster the other day and noticed a large roll away trashcan (like the kind they bring to you when you are demolishing a house or re-roofing) by the maintenance barn full of what appeared to be furniture. I could see the tops of some table chairs and since I was in the market for 1 table chair I decided to walk on over. Once I got closer I quickly realized two things: 1. there was lots of furniture in there and 2. I was too short to see over the top. Conveniently, there was a maintenance man nearby so I asked if they were throwing the furniture away and if so could I borrow a ladder? He gave me a strange look and went to retrieve a ladder. When he returned I stood it up and positioned it so I could glance into the bin…what do you know, there was a nice coffee table sitting right on top! I picked it up and lowered it down to the man below who was looking at me like I was a crazy lady! I looked over the table and told him that would work great, there was a few scratches but nothing a little paint wouldn’t fix! I offered to put the ladder back and when he refused to let me do it, I picked up my prize and carried her home!

I left it sitting in the living room for a few days to decide if I really liked it or just like it because it was free...I liked it! By the way, the rug in the photo is no longer there. I decided I didn't like it and returned it! It was a little to busy for my small space!

It has a few blemishes but nothing that can't be fixed!

I like all the little details...

Today I gave her a little makeover and she looks so much better! There will be pictures to come… I found an awesome fabric store in Starkville called Fabriholics. They get most of their fabric in from Europe and it’s of very good quality  but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg! Check out their site! I am planning to make a little table cloth for it but haven’t quite got all my ideas put together yet!

My fabric from Fabriholics!


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4 responses to “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

  1. Janet

    So cute! I can totally see you dumpster diving! It’s almost as fun as going thru abandoned houses! Wish you were still here to do that again!

  2. sandy

    sorry i’m so behind in reading your blog… the updates. I need to come visit you one of these days and we can go shopping in all your fav. spots. I want to go to the cupcake place for sure! hope you’re doing ok….love and miss you. Hope you learn to love the South as much as i do!
    aunt s

    • Yes, I am afraid I am liking the south…I could possibly fall in love with the south. We will have to see! I would LOVE for you to come visit me! The cupcake shop was nothing like Cuppies and Joe. It’s more of you come in and get a cupcake to-go. They were also all in the fridge but by the time I got home it was warmed up and ready to eat from sitting in the car. Still good though! Excited to see you guys this weekend! 🙂 Thanks for being my home away from home!

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