Apartment Preview!

Here is a sneak peak! I don’t have everything quite how I want it yet so there will be more to come later!

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6 responses to “Apartment Preview!

  1. Mary Yaksich

    Is that Granny’s old samsonite suitcase…know she had some like it…brings back the memories…is that a picture of a bathroom or is it yours…just wondering…love you…aunt mary

    • Hi Aunt Mary! I think the picture you are asking about is the one that is framed of a sink? That was actually taken in an old abandoned house in SW NE…it was an old kitchen sink! I just thought it was neat! Yes, that is Granny’s suitcase and the buttons in the jar were also hers!

      • mom

        sorry, lyndi….the suitcase is just like granny’s, but i don’t think it was her’s. if it was her’s then it would have the initials JEK on it. i think it is actually one i picked up at a junk/antique store and it reminded me of granny’s.

  2. Janet

    Love all the pictures you enlarged and framed! I was just going to ask you the other day if you found a place for your door knob! He just stopped by and said they are burning that house this week and that I could take whatever I wanted. Haven’t had time to get over there yet but I sure hope I make it! Want anything?? You should be here to help me!

    • I think you should take the doors, window panes, knobs….oh you could do all sorts of stuff! You better have Gail bring the trailer. Wish I was there to help because we could do some major demolition on that house! But yes, I did find a place for my door knob. Every time I see it it reminds me of our little trip that day! I miss it!

  3. mom

    your house looks so comfy! love it……

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