Coffee table make over…

Remember the coffee table I found in the trash? Well here it is!



Spray paint is my new favorite tool….so much faster than hand painting! It also has a lot faster drying time. I bought all my paint from Lowes. I used a Rustoleum gray spray paint primer first. Then did two coats of Valspar spray paint.  I really liked that Valspar offered a wide variety of colors that you usually don’t see in spray paint; turquoise, lime green, teal, different shades of blue, etc.  But I liked how the Rustoleum paint sprayed on smoother.  There was only a few cents difference in price, so take your pick! I found my fabric for the table-cloth at Fabriholics in Starkville, MS.

Have a great Friday! If anyone has any projects they would like to share I am always willing to have guests on the blog!


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2 responses to “Coffee table make over…

  1. mom

    this turned out perfect! i sure do miss you!!!!!!

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