The Flower dilemma….solved!

When I found out I was moving to Mississippi I was excited for many reasons but one of them was that I would be able to have live flowers on my porch! This may sound silly but in Kansas that isn’t an option… I always had to resort to artificial flowers which have their perks, like an unmatchable hardiness, but aren’t quite as pretty! The other night I was out searching for flowers and apparently it’s the wrong time of year to be purchasing them because I had no luck! I decided I would go back to the trusty artificial but it turns out Walmart has a very narrow selection and there is no Hobby Lobby. As you can see, this makes for quite a dilemma. (You are probably thinking, if this is her only dilemma she is doing good!)

I was going through some old wall decorations to go to the thrift store and I came across a board. Dilemma solved! So, I painted it and it now stands where the flowers would have gone by my little Adirondack chair!


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3 responses to “The Flower dilemma….solved!

  1. Janet

    Dang! Wish I would have known this before our trip yesterday! I would have picked have got some flowers from Hobby Lobby for you! Love the sign…. any reminder to eat cake everyday must be a good thing!

  2. sandy

    cute…and love the colors.!

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