My on-going living room project…


Those of you who know me know that 1) I love blogging 2) I love reading other peoples blogs. I think everyone should have a blog…I have probably even told some of you that! One of the blogs I like to read is Nesting Place. The Nester’s motto is, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. The Nester is pretty much my hero. I like her because 1) she can relate to decorating on a budget and does it herself! 2) she has lived in homes that she owned and rentals; all of which she made “her home”. She knows how to make due with what she has on hand and can make anything look beautiful in her home. If you don’t believe me check out her site…she found a large creepy owl at a thrift store and made it look neat! The nesting place blog…
She was the inspiration for my living room… I think I almost have it done! What do you think?
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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One response to “My on-going living room project…

  1. mom

    a comfortable, inviting sanctuary……..this is what you’ve made your apartment to be. your space looks content, natural and “at home with itself”…….just as you are about yourself! i’m proud of you and love you much! mom

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