Bargains, bargains, bargains!

Since I arrived in The Magnolia State, I have been searching and searching for old window panes. I visited a few antique stores and they weren’t my cup of tea…they were the expensive antiques. Like the $200 for a crumbling wooden chair antiques. I was also searching for an old chair but decided that dream would have to die for now! I like thrifting, not antiquing.
This past week after chasing a girl down in the lunch room to ask where she got her cute pants- yes, I do this on a regular basis – I found out there was a cute thrift store in town! Now, back to the pants…y’all might think I’m crazy but there really isn’t anywhere to shop in town so I find out how to get stuff whenever I get the chance! I take that back, there is one store that has Life is Good, Vera Bradley and Sperry’s all in the same store but that’s a post for another day!
Now back to the thrift store; I’m all over the place today. They have clothes, cheap antiques, purses, shoes, etc! All the clothes are priced at an average of $10/item. They have J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, etc. Bottom line, it’s good stuff.
If you are in the Starkville area I would check it out. It’s on Hwy 12 on the west side of town by Regions Bank and Zaxby’s.



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3 responses to “Bargains, bargains, bargains!

  1. Janet

    Oh the suspense! Did you buy the window panes or not?!?!?! Gotta know! Guess we should have tried to get some of those window panes down in the old house before you left! lol

  2. mom

    Please add the thrift store to our list of “must do!” for when Nanni and I come to visit you! Sounds like a place we’d love! I’m so glad you’re out adventuring and enjoying the South!

    • sandy

      and what about when Aunt sandy comes to visit? Dear sister, have you forgot about me. I can actually bring you some old window panes…how many do you need? Looks like a cute shop…ready to come visit!

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