The Rustic Lens…a blog about a girl with many passions. The sub-title of my blog sums me up pretty well! I love so many things about life that I cannot sum it up into one word or definition. As a result, this blog will follow suite and simply be about all the things I love! Here is a running list:

My Family, Cattle, Photography, Crafts, Coffee Shops, Agriculture, Bargain Shopping, Thrift/Antique Stores, Hand-me-downs, Cupcakes (or any kind of dessert for that matter!), Checking Cows in the evening, Sunsets, Rainy Days (when you can be inside), Chick Flicks, Good Books, My Kindle, Girl’s Weekend with my Mom, Aunt and Sister (cousin), Red Dirt Country Music, Stained Glass Windows, Mason Jars, Old Furniture, Moscoto Wine, Taking Random Photographs…

One of my hobbies is photography. My love for photography began when I purchased my Canon Rebel camera in August of 2010. I made the purchase with the idea of using photography to help educate others about agriculture by taking pictures of cattle on our ranch and also using the pictures as a marketing tool. As I began taking pictures of my family and friends as favors, I realized that I enjoyed helping others capture moments in their lives and turning them into memories. In my experience, I have come to find that some of the best pictures transpire from unplanned moments when the subject is simply being themselves! I would eventually like to take this hobby and turn it into a small business on the side while I am working on grad-school.

Please contact me by e-mail if you would be interested in ordering one of my photo prints or would like to book a session.  My objective is to provide high quality photography at an affordable price.  I will download the photographs to a CD and issue you a copyright release form. This will allow you to print the photos at your convenience and choose the printing company you would like to work with! Let me know if you have any questions.

Lyndi Jury


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