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The heifers who wore pink!

There is nothing quite like a quiet, peaceful evening with cattle! The weather was gorgeous tonight after the wind died down.  Since I didn’t have to work the heat detection shift tonight, I decided to take a few minutes to snap some pics of the heifers before heading home for dinner.  From day 1, I have thought these were the cutest heifers on the place because of their two pink eartags…that is the girl in me coming out!



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Gotta love Saturdays…

A couple of months ago, I would have groaned about getting up at 6am to make it to work by 7am.  While driving to work this morning I admitted to myself that I like this little routine…

I work at a heifer development facility so my mornings and evenings are filled with heat detecting and breeding (via artificial insemination)! Not everyone can say that they get to see the sun rise and set every day…it makes for a nice view!  Saturday’s are usually pretty slow so I an afternoon break on most weekends. I have been bringing my camera with me to work lately but have failed to get it out of the pickup. I decided that since I had time today, I had better take advantage of the opportunity. It has been very rainy and overcast here for the last several days so to have the sun shine today was a treat!

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It’s a beautiful day…

I shot the photo on my way back to NE Monday morning. I left early so I was able to watch the sun rise and I had to stop for a picture!

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Roadside Inspiration

I have always wanted to stop along side the road to take pictures whenever I am traveling. I always see the neatest things and coolest landscapes but am usually in a hurry or cannot find a place to turn around and by the time I do I just say, “The heck with it” and keep driving.  Today I decided I was going to take the time to “stop and smell the flowers”. There weren’t any flowers, but I did take lots of pictures!  Here are a few… Enjoy!

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