Because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

I was browsing around on Pinterest and saw this idea. For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is a place where you can organize all your favorite ideas from online. It saves pictures that you can put into categories like DIY, Favorite recipies, Kitchen ideas, Things for my home, etc. Here is the link to my Pinterest account…check it out! I will warn you though, it is very, very addictive!

Anyway, now to get back on task… I made a “Jar of Thanks”! My goal is to put something I am thankful for in the jar everyday. We will see if I can keep it up or not!

For the paper I just cut up some thick tissue paper that was in a package my Mom sent to me.

This would be a great idea to do if you have kids….I think it’s a good way to focus on all God has blessed you with. It’s pretty easy to take those blessing for granted…

On Pinterest they were using the jars for all different things. One person had put a note in the jar everyday for 365 days…she put something she loved about a person (probably a significant other) every day and then at the end of the year gave it to them! I think there are many ways you could use this jar!

For some reason it kind of reminds me of the “Snap Cup” on Legally Blond….this makes me laugh!


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The Flower dilemma….solved!

When I found out I was moving to Mississippi I was excited for many reasons but one of them was that I would be able to have live flowers on my porch! This may sound silly but in Kansas that isn’t an option… I always had to resort to artificial flowers which have their perks, like an unmatchable hardiness, but aren’t quite as pretty! The other night I was out searching for flowers and apparently it’s the wrong time of year to be purchasing them because I had no luck! I decided I would go back to the trusty artificial but it turns out Walmart has a very narrow selection and there is no Hobby Lobby. As you can see, this makes for quite a dilemma. (You are probably thinking, if this is her only dilemma she is doing good!)

I was going through some old wall decorations to go to the thrift store and I came across a board. Dilemma solved! So, I painted it and it now stands where the flowers would have gone by my little Adirondack chair!


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Coffee table make over…

Remember the coffee table I found in the trash? Well here it is!



Spray paint is my new favorite tool….so much faster than hand painting! It also has a lot faster drying time. I bought all my paint from Lowes. I used a Rustoleum gray spray paint primer first. Then did two coats of Valspar spray paint.  I really liked that Valspar offered a wide variety of colors that you usually don’t see in spray paint; turquoise, lime green, teal, different shades of blue, etc.  But I liked how the Rustoleum paint sprayed on smoother.  There was only a few cents difference in price, so take your pick! I found my fabric for the table-cloth at Fabriholics in Starkville, MS.

Have a great Friday! If anyone has any projects they would like to share I am always willing to have guests on the blog!


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Apartment Preview!

Here is a sneak peak! I don’t have everything quite how I want it yet so there will be more to come later!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Most of you who know me will admit that I am always on the lookout for a good bargain. I had been searching for coffee table for my apartment but didn’t want to spend a large sum of money. I was searching for something that falls more in the $20 and under category without being “junk”. I was taking trash to the dumpster the other day and noticed a large roll away trashcan (like the kind they bring to you when you are demolishing a house or re-roofing) by the maintenance barn full of what appeared to be furniture. I could see the tops of some table chairs and since I was in the market for 1 table chair I decided to walk on over. Once I got closer I quickly realized two things: 1. there was lots of furniture in there and 2. I was too short to see over the top. Conveniently, there was a maintenance man nearby so I asked if they were throwing the furniture away and if so could I borrow a ladder? He gave me a strange look and went to retrieve a ladder. When he returned I stood it up and positioned it so I could glance into the bin…what do you know, there was a nice coffee table sitting right on top! I picked it up and lowered it down to the man below who was looking at me like I was a crazy lady! I looked over the table and told him that would work great, there was a few scratches but nothing a little paint wouldn’t fix! I offered to put the ladder back and when he refused to let me do it, I picked up my prize and carried her home!

I left it sitting in the living room for a few days to decide if I really liked it or just like it because it was free...I liked it! By the way, the rug in the photo is no longer there. I decided I didn't like it and returned it! It was a little to busy for my small space!

It has a few blemishes but nothing that can't be fixed!

I like all the little details...

Today I gave her a little makeover and she looks so much better! There will be pictures to come… I found an awesome fabric store in Starkville called Fabriholics. They get most of their fabric in from Europe and it’s of very good quality  but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg! Check out their site! I am planning to make a little table cloth for it but haven’t quite got all my ideas put together yet!

My fabric from Fabriholics!


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First few days in Mississippi!

We arrived in Starkville on a very hot Monday morning! It has been an extremely hot summer in Kansas with most days being well above 100 so I thought I would be well prepared for the southern heat. I was wrong. This is a completely different kind of hot…it was 100 degrees on move in day with 80+% humidity.  I didn’t know my body was capable of sweating so much! I felt really bad for my Dad who unloaded most of the trailer by himself while Mom and I unpacked and arranged inside. All my furniture survived the haul, a few pieces arriving a little more rustic and antiqued than they were when I left but for the most part all was well! Remember my green cabinet I found at The Rink in OKC? Well, it was nearly falling apart upon arrival. Thankfully my Dad was able to attach wheels to the bottom of it which helped brace it and it is now in better condition than before!

One thing about the South, the food is amazing! I have never been somewhere where every place you ate at the food was good. I haven’t ate at one place that I didn’t like. The first night we went to Rosy Baby’s. It reminds me of a place you would eat at out on a dock. It has a very relaxed atmosphere! Dad ordered the crawfish platter.

It took him so long to eat it that Mom and I left, went to Walmart, and came back to pick him up! I had the fish basket and it was great! If you are in the area I would definitely recommend it! I am going to add a page to my blog with restaurants that I love…check it out!

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A day of shopping!

Once we arrived in Fort Worth, there was a welcoming party waiting for us at the hotel…literally! Well, it wasn’t for us necessarily. We walked in and there were balloons, a live band, free drinks, free BBQ…turns out it was their 1 year anniversary! The live band was called the Fish Fry Bingo Band, a 5 piece hillbilly jug band from Texas, and they were a hoot! By looking at them you would think they were a bunch of hillbilly’s straight out of the Beverly Hillbilly’s movie! Dad started visiting with their manager/sound guy and it turns out they were just playing the part. Their “real jobs” were architects, engineers, etc. They were a lot of fun to visit with and it was obvious they were having a great time! Their website is You can listen to some of their music there.

The band members! I bought a CD for them to sign and in return I got a free shirt!

The next morning Mom and I met up with Meemaw (my Dad’s mom) and we went shopping! I found an ad for a western store called Teskey’s it looked really neat so we decided we would walk there. What we didn’t know is that the store was a good 2 miles from our hotel downtown. By the time we were halfway there I called the store to see if we were getting close and they informed me it was just a few more blocks but they would drive not walk. Well since we were already walking and without vehicle we had no choice but to keep on! It was also very hot and humid so Meemaw thought we needed to cool off.

Yes, that is Meemaw and I standing in a fountain! I thought she had lost her mind when she got in there but it was so hot I didn't care and got in too!

Even Mom got in...this is something Mom wouldn't ever do so I was sure to get a picture!

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner at Times Ten Cellers. It was  a really neat little place and the groom’s family was so creative in decorating and organizing the event! Everyone attending was seated by a coffee flavor that was on their name tag that they were handed at the door! Once you found your table you had a little  bag of coffee to take home as a souvenir! The coffee was made where they are from in New Mexico.

The tables with the little bags of coffee...

On Saturday we went to the wedding which was also beautiful! It took place in a chapel on the TCU campus. At the reception they had a photo booth where you could go have your picture taken…it was fun! Everyone could go through the booth as many times as they wanted.

That is me and my cousin Emily in the booth!

Our family had a great time in Fort Worth! It was fun to get together with everyone and catch up! Congrats to Lauren and Lee Tatlock!

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