Perfect Iced Coffee

Italian Cream Sodas


Sweet Cinnamon Scones

Breads and Muffins

Aunt Carlene’s Sweet Rasberry-Corn Muffins


Mocha Cupcakes

Mocha Buttercream Icing


Marlboro Man Sandwich


Greek Pasta Salad

I will add to this list as I try new things! You will find that most of these recipes come from the Pioneer Woman. I HIGHLY recommend her cookbook. It is AMAZING! Reading the stores and looking through her pictures are almost as fun as trying her recipes. She has step-by-step photo tutorials for EVERY recipe. It’s great for kids learning to cook! I received my copy at our Greeson Christmas Gift Exchange and all the women fought over it…needless to say, I got the privelage of bringing it home!

This can be found on or at your local Walmart! Aprox. $20, well worth it!

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